Our team

Pr. Karim Corbani, DDS, MSc, PhD

Cosmetic Dentist

Pr. Fawzi Riachi, DDS, MSc, MBA, PhD

Oral Surgeon and Periodontist

Dr. Muriel Chaer, DDS, MSc


Dr. Nancy Nochahrly, DDS, MSc


Dr. Toufic Daou, DDS

Oral Surgeon, Implantology

Dr. Nicloas Nassar, DDS, MSc


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At Corbani Cosmetic Dentistry we provide you with the use of the best products and technics for beautiful lasting results.

Our Clinic

Verdun: Verdun 2000, 7th flr.

Jal el Dib: Mallah Center, 4th flr.

Baabdat: Toufic Labaky Center, 1st flr.

Contact Us

Phone: +961 1 813 678

Mobile: +961 70 826 000

Email: [email protected]

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